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Most Inspiring Real Estate

January 24, 2013

It is difficult to narrow this down to just one parcel of real estate; there are so many awe inspiring, beautiful, and fascinating places in the world. I’m choosing to focus on a place called American Basin. It is in the San Juan mountains of southwestern Colorado. It lies on a scenic drive called the Alpine Loop, which has over 150 miles of trails. Many of these trails are open to any vehicle, while some are restricted to 4-wheel drive vehicles only. American Basin is a relatively small basin with a base elevation of approximately 10,000 feet. It is located on a offshoot of the Alpine Loop, surrounded by tall peaks, some of which exceed 14,000 feet. 

What is fascinating about American Basin and the Alpine Loop in general is its ease of access. Very rarely is one able to drive a car that far into the backcountry. The nearest town is 2 hours away. As you may imagine, this creates interesting preservation challenges. While damage is evident in some of the more highly trafficked areas of the loop, most of the loop, American Basin included, remains relatively untouched. The San Juans remain one of the most preserved, least tourist affected areas in all of the Colorado Rockies, but some are worried that this may change in the future. There has been increased tourist traffic in recent years, as well as increased pressure to allow access to private developers.

American Basin is famous for its abundance of wildflowers during the summer months, and lies at the base of Handies Peak, one of the more popular peaks to climb in all of Colorado. Last summer, I worked at a summer camp in the San Juan mountains and had the pleasure of visiting American Basin twice. My grandmother used to travel to American Basin every summer, and claims that this piece of land is the most beautiful on earth.ImageImage


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